Is Your Bathroom Too Cramped?


Ah, the bathroom, a place where you can take a nice warm bath, relax, and lock yourself away. At least for some, it can be relaxing. Others have rusted shower heads, mold growing, tile from the 80’s, and who knows what else lurking inside. That’s right. Your bathroom remodeling is way overdue, and Galaxy Home Improvements is here to change that.

Bathroom remodels include a wide variety of different fixtures, including tiles, plumbing, carpentry, which is why we have a team of bathroom remodeling experts who have extensive experience in all of the skills required to get your bathroom remodel done right. Our team has served many Long Island homeowners in the past with quality bathroom remodeling, beautiful finishes, luxurious tile work and more.

When looking for a bathroom remodeling Long Island contractor, there are many to choose from, some small companies, some larger companies. But there is one thing to keep in mind. You are going to have this new bathroom for quite some time, so it makes sense to get it done by a professional bathroom remodeler. It makes sense to choose Galaxy Home Improvements.

Our Team of Construction Professionals Can Help With:
Tile Replacement

Old tiles accumulate bacteria and residue as years pass by, and grime hidden in pockets or beneath it can be unsightly. Galaxy has the solution with the ability to replace old tiles with new, pristine ones.


Perhaps you have an old toilet you need to replace, or a discolored sink from years of use? Galaxy can add or replace bathroom fixtures and maintain the sanctity that a bathroom means to your family and building.